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Kevin Hoy
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Steel Fabricator/ Welder Divorced 1

The last reunion I attended was the 20 year and it was great seeing everybody and reading about there adventures. I'm sure many more have hapened in the last 15 years and I'll be there.


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Diane Wallace (Hudson )
Manager/Accountant Married 2
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Cindi Tarlton (Johnston)
Sales & Marketing Manager Married 2
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bill keely
owner opperator retail Married 1
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Jennifer Geidt (Keenan)
Supervisor of Member Services Married 2
I have been married for 23 years and have 2 kids, a 22 year old son Nigel and a 19 year old daughter Siobhan.  We have a 160 acre farm in the Comox Valley where we raise Peruvian Paso horses, shorthorn cattle and grow hay.  I also co-own 2 businesses with my husband, so not much spare time!  Unfortunately I couldn't make the reunion, so didn't get to see how everyone has changed!
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Allan Kirk
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Business Supervisor Married 3
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Brenda Nolan (Kirk )
Systems Specialist Married
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Tom Klausen
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Sales Manager Married 3
After graduating from UBC I've been involved with small business finance in both the US and Canada.  I travel on business and have lived up and down the west coast.  I' now have a skateboarding 25 year old and two teenage daughters and I live in Lynn Valley of all places.  I still travel quite a bit but enjoy my time at home with the kids and the garden.  I play old timers soccer and I don't think I have changed that much.  You tell me when we meet on the 24th!   See you then! 

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Patti Sumpter (Lee)
Domestic Engineer! Married 3
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randal lyons
hospitality Single 1
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